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Northern Electric

Члены группы Northern Electric: Krister Eriksson, Martin Alfredsson, Sten Claréus
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/northelect

Дискография Northern Electric:

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The sound of Northern Electric (Vaxjo, Sweden) can easily be explained as pure electronic SYNTH music. No more, no less, no confusion! The sound of the 80's is shining through here and there, and you can feel that good old nostalgica feeling coming back once again! This band is not another dusty old copy of Depeche Mode, the sound is much more unique and fresh, and not really being comparable to anything. but if you appreciate old synth pop legends like Hard Corps, Stahlnetz, Keine Ahnung and Boytronic you will hopefully LOVE Northern Electric too! Nevertheless give it a try and you might find yourself discovering something completely new and different! Since somewhere around 1996 Northern Electric have been making music off and on in 3 different studios together with a synthesizer, drum machine and an atari.

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