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Jim Skeel and Mark G.E.

Члены группы cyberCHUMP: Jim Skeel, Mark G.E.
Группа в интернете: http://www.cyberchump.com/

Дискография cyberCHUMP:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Dreams Groove 10 audio iTunes 2000-06-01 Internal Combustion
2 Abstract Air 9 audio iTunes 2003-02-01 Internal Combustion
3 Inner Grooves 12 audio iTunes 2002-06-01 Internal Combustion
4 Scientists In The Trees 10 audio iTunes 2004 Internal Combustion
5 Sankhara 10 audio iTunes 2006 Internal Combustion

Cyberchump is an electro-organic duo that explores aural soundscapes of rhythm and moment. Subterrainian atmospherics give way to driving space melodies. At once a mix of science beats, ambient texture and cinematic themes. The duo works mostly separately at a distance from one another, to come together occasionally to finalize their work. Their music is guided by very little discussion as they seek to evoke a place, time or mood, utilizing the studio as an instrument. Jim Skeel: High & Low looped guitars, keyboards, bass, samples, manipulations Mark G. E.: Altered keyboards, five-string fretless bass, guitar, treated accordian, samples, machines Additional Sources Jason Loveall: Violin Jason Todd: Soprano Saxophone Jeanne Marie Vielleux: Lead Voice John Kruth: Argul, Riata Julio Pabon: Digeridoo Neal Rops: Sample Harvesting Jahmes Finlayson: Percussion, Berimbau David D. Gupta: Indian Tablas Gregg Jackson: Percussion Tim Higgins: Percussion Paul Sadler: Percussion Hafiza Capehart: Flute Mike Kashou: Bass Victor DeLorenzo: Phone Call The Orbitan Voices: Theresa Ala Mode, Rebecca Brinkley

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